Sunday, 26 July 2015


In my last post, I talked about fun things to do in the Summer holidays to stay happy.
I'm going to continue with this post now with a part two.


#4 - Re-decorate your room

It's good to organise and change up your room every once in a while! Maybe add some pops of colour to brighten up your bedroom? Or some cute fairy lights and bunting?
There are some good videos lurking around YouTube about DIY room decor; I'll link some below!

#5 - Get reading!

#6 - Subscribe to some new Blogs/YouTube Channels
I love reading blogs and watching YouTube videos, just like every other teenager! 
I'm going to list some of my recommendations below...

Blogs - 

Lexi  - Lexi Likes
Chessie  - Freshly Pickked

Youtube Channels - 

Alex & Mia Vlogs  - Alex and Mia
Beckie - Beckie0
Dodie - Doddleoddle
Frances - HelloFranSays
Isabella - ViewsofNow

I hope you all have a great boredom-free summer!

Fran ☺♥