Monday, 29 June 2015

colourful flowers & classroom doodles.

Recently, I found myself sitting in a classroom with a piece of scrap paper near by. 
                 So naturally, I decided to doodle.

I always find myself drawing either faces or flowers, but I can never take them seriously.       I enjoy making characters look cartoon-esque and colouring in flowers in bright highlighter shades. 

I find that there's something fun about doodling aimlessly, there's no deadlines or specific thing you need to draw. You just draw. You just be creative and draw something! 

I have a school planner full of doodles and people often ask me if they can look through it.
 It makes me sad when I hear people say "I wish I could draw!", because what's stopping you? 
It's easy to pick up a pencil and paper and just draw! It's a great way to express your creativity and use your imagination. It's just about enjoying yourself.


Peace out girl scouts,