Sunday, 25 January 2015

How to feel better // positivity tips - part 2

Hey guys! ☺
I hope you are all fit and well.

Lately I've been feeling a bit rubbish. I've had a lot of schoolwork lately and currently, a bad cold and it's kind of taken all of my energy out of me. I've gotten into the cycle of going to sleep late and getting up late, not exactly one I want to keep! Everybody has been stressed in School and it's hard to feel positive when everybody is negative. 

I've recently been reading Bea and Bella's blog, 'Body Positive Club' , and it makes me feel so happy. Honestly, if you have some spare time you should really check it out. They write little 'survival' lists and it's very relaxing to read.

I wrote a post about remaining positive back in November. But they've inspired me to write another, a part two if you wish. 
I'm going to try and make this type of post into a series called 'Positivity Tips', so give me some suggestions of what to write about in the comments. 

//Positivity Tips - Part 2//

1. Try to not stress about things you can't change. You can't change that embarrassing moment that happened 5 years ago, neither can you change what you said in that argument with your friend yesterday. But you can always apologize if you feel bad about something. Always.

2. Get up and go to sleep at a reasonable time. I'm really bad at this one, I'll admit it. I'll go to bed late and  wake up like 20 minutes after I should do most mornings. Of course, I'll be the one running around 5 minutes before I have to leave the house. As well as resulting in me leaving books at home, I also feel very sleepy throughout the day!

3. BATH BOMBS ARE THE WAY TO GO! Okay, I'm obsessed with bath bombs. I have accumulated an un-healthy amount of Lush bath bombs from my birthday and Christmas. But I just love 'em! Whenever I've had a bad day or I'm just a tad sleepy, I'll have use bath bomb and it always makes me feel better ☺ (Okay this is really sad)

4. Your emotional well-being comes before others. Let me explain this one. Try not to get sucked into other people's blackholes of unhappiness. It's super easy to do, I know. You should always try to remain positive in sad situations, because sadness + sadness = even more sadness! 

5. Give yourself time to chill. You know that book you've been meaning to read? Read it. And that album you've been eager to listen to? Listen to it. It's important to take some time to relax, even if it's just ten minutes. It'll boost your mood and make you feel better. I promise ☺

How do you remain positive? Leave your tips in the comments!
*Bonus points if you can count the amount of times I said 'positive' in this post*

Have a great week,
Fran ♥