Sunday, 1 February 2015

Lush Haul 2015 - Part One

Hey Guys, 

Can you guess what this post is about? I know it's REALLY HARD. 
This post is part one of my Lush Haul, from Christmas and my Birthday. I'm slowly using the products I got one-by-one and I thought I should share what I think of them with you! I do apologise for the picture heavy post, but something tells me that you'll like this post! *points finger* Yes, you!
So, here we gooooooooo

"Granny Takes A Dip" - Bath Bomb
This is one of my personal favourites! I like to smash it up and use it for different baths, because it's so big. I find the smell really relaxing and I like to use it for night-time baths, but you could probably use it in the day-time too.

"Twilight" - Bath Bomb
This scent makes me feel really sleepy and relaxed. It features a star design on the top of the bath bomb and it fizzles into a  dark purple colour. 

"Brightside" - Bubble Bar
This bubble bar is so nicely scented, it makes me feel really fresh! It turns the bathwater a bright orange colour.
The Lush website claims that it will boost your bad mood instantly. 

"Think Pink" - Bath Bomb
This bath bomb is quite small, so I used it all in one bath. It turned the bath water a pastel pink colour and it had cute little confetti hearts in the middle of it. I really enjoyed this bath bomb, but I just wished that it could have been bigger!
What's your favourite product from Lush? Let me know in the comments!
Have a great week,
Fran ☺

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