Sunday, 21 December 2014

DIY Magazine Christmas Tree - A Collaboration with Crafty Hands and Pretty Nails

 It's nearly Christmas! *Cue carol singing*
I am very very excited and I hope you all are too :)

Today, I am collaborating with Elsa from Crafty Hands and Pretty Nails, to bring you a fun and festive DIY. 
I am going to be making a DIY Christmas Tree from a magazine, something I really wanted to share with you guys in time for the festive season. I was taught how to make these in Guides a couple of weeks back, and they are so easy and simple to put together. It requires no glue, or scissors, just a magazine and a festive spirit.

It's the perfect decoration to make whilst in front of  the TV.

So here we go! 

You will need:
An old magazine (or a catalog)

Here are some examples of what your end-product will look like.

Step One - Choose some magazines that you want to use. Make sure that you're okay to use them.

Step Two - Remove the front and back covers of your chosen magazine.

Step Three - You will be left with the main body of the magazine.

Step Four - Fold your page diagonally into a right-angled triangle. 

Step Five - Fold the triangle into the edge of the magazine.

Step Six - It should look like the shape of a tie.

Step Seven - Fold the bottom paper upwards into a small triangle.

Step Eight - Fold over your page and repeat the process until it's complete.

Step Nine- When you are finished, your magazine should look like this.

Step Ten - Stand your magazine up and spread out the pages evenly, until it's stable.

Step Eleven - You can choose to decorate your tree. I used a pipe cleaner and gold paper to make a star decoration,

Step Twelve - Congratulations! Your Tree is complete ☺
I hope you enjoyed this festive DIY! Make sure to pop over to Elsa's Blog ( to check out her Christmas DIY too. 
Thank you to Elsa for collaborating and thank you for reading.

Have a very merry Christmas, 
Fran ♥

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