Sunday, 28 September 2014

Happy Stuff.

This week was pretty important for me.

I woke up on Wednesday morning to 1,007 pageviews. Now, this may seem like a very small number to some of you bloggers with big audiences, but, let me tell means a heck of a lot to me.
So, thank you if you have viewed/followed my blog. It does make me smile!
The second important thing that happened was that I won the English Award out of my entire school. This makes me feel the kind of happy that words cannot describe.
You see, I love writing. I am also one of those (awesome) dorks who actually enjoys reading. You will either find this really sad or you will be waving your hands in the air saying "Me too!"

Anyways, I am sorry for lack of arty posts recently. I haven't really had a moment to actually stop and paint for a couple of hours. This upsets me a bit, but I have been given an art project on aboriginal art, so I will keep you updated!

What have you guys been up too this week? 

Have a fab week,