Saturday, 9 August 2014

Leopard Print Coats & Gradient Skies

A couple of weeks ago, I bought a medium sized canvas and let my ideas explode onto it.
At the time, I was looking at Sashiko Yuen's artwork she creates under the name Wishcandy
Her piece 'Tender White' inspired me to paint a quirky character accompanied by a gradient sky background. 

"Leopard Print Coats & Gradient Skies"
This canvas took me around 3 hours to create and I began by sketching out a simple outline in order to make sure I could fit all my ideas on an A4 sized canvas.

Secondly, I began painting. I mostly used dark colours to create a 'grungy' vibe for my canvas, but then I decided to use a bright blue for my characters hair.

Finally, I added the details to my canvas:
  • A leopard print coat
  • Weirdo badge
  • Two black and white toadstools

I hope you enjoyed this post, I hope to publish some more of my canvases soon.