Sunday, 3 May 2015

Pull&Bear Wishlist//

 I recently have found the clothing website 'Pull&Bear' and let me tell's amazing!
The clothing looks very tumblr-esque and indie, a style I like a lot.
So today, I thought I would share my 'wishlist' featuring my favourite products.

I really love the dark floral pattern featured on this top. A little bit gothic, yet perfect for spring/summer time!

The light blue and white colour scheme on this jumper is gorgeous! I like that it looks slightly faded.

I can definitely see somebody wearing this coat on a cold day in the UK. It's definitely quirkier than your average rain mac! 

I like the simplicity of these shorts. I can definitely see them being paired with a colourful top for a day at the beach!

These shorts remind me of pj bottoms, but I think they're really cool! The dusty blue colour is really cute and summery.

I am a big lover of chocolate, so I find this t-shirt to be a must-have! I like the simple design, especially the chocolate crumb detail.

Have you ever shopped at Pull&Bear? 
What's your favourite item that I've featured in this post?

I hope you've enjoyed my first fashion post,
Have a fantastic week and bank-holiday Monday!
Fran ♥