Sunday, 9 November 2014

1920's Love Affair - A Little Story

 Her hair was mahogany brown and bobbed above her shoulders. It almost always adorned with a glimmering diamond headband, which swayed from side to side when she danced.
She would stain her lips with warm hues; blood reds, juicy peaches and vibrant pinks.
Her fingernails were long and lady-like. She would often tap them on the table to the rhythm of her favourite songs. She wore mid-length flapper dresses, in which she would run and laugh about in.
 His hair was jet-black, slicked back and cut just above his ears. He would wear formal wear in everyday occassions; he was always dressed to impress. He would spend his days at his typewriter, it was old and dying, but his words always gave it new life.

They were a 1920's love affair.