Monday, 1 September 2014

Crazy Girls.

'Heaven is a Halfpipe' was created by using collage techniques.
Just because you have pastel purple hair, doesn't mean you can't be a super rad skater chick!
I enjoy drawing weird characters. I like imagining what their personalities would be like. Would they spend their days searching through charity shops for vintage clothing or would they prefer an evening of blogging? Who knows? The possibilities are endless.
When drawing these strange characters, I always give them colourful hair. Because what's better than green, purple, blue or tangerine coloured hair? Nothing, I believe is the answer you're looking for.
I enjoy drawing crazy people, because they are the best kind of people.

'Pizza Lady' drawn with permanent markers and background made using paints, pencils and collage techniques.
I used the album arts of my favourite bands for the background, because why not? Also Paramore's album 'Riot' is the best.
What are your thoughts on my drawings? 
Do you like drawing weirdos too? Because I really hope I'm not the only one.
Answer down in the comments & thanks for reading!