Sunday, 7 September 2014

Books Take Me To Amazing Worlds.

Books! Aren't they amazing? 
I've loved to read since I was tiny and with that I have adapted the annoying habit of feeling sorry for anybody who says they "don't like" reading. I mean how can you not like reading? You can't not like reading, you just need to find an awesome author to start you off.
I'm sure that some of you readers may not like to read or a just in the search of a good book, so here are five I reccomend! 

I drew some book related drawings for a recent art project, so I thought it would be appropriate to feature them here.

'Books Take Me To Amazing Worlds.'
Pencil sketch on watercolour background

Random Book Tower
Fineliner drawing with collage techniques
What are your favourite books? What are your opinions on my recommended books?
Answer in the comments below & thanks for reading!